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Pure, Natural & Chemical-free Saffron – 1g

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A versatile ingredient, saffron elevates your culinary creations to a standard of luxury with a single pinch.

Saffron is the superstar ingredient that brings your masterpiece to life.

Like a superstar, it requires special treatment to fully extract the unique saffron aroma, incomparable flavor and deep color that make it indispensable in Biryani, Kheer, Paella and a host of other dishes.

The world’s finest saffron, Prins Willem is now available in India for the first time.

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Prins Willem is renowned for saffron that is pure and chemical-free, hand-picked and slow-dried in a traditional manner at centuries old saffron gardens.

We procure the finest saffron, ethically sourced directly from farmers, and supply it to premier establishments worldwide.

Ironically, Indian consumers rarely experience this quality of saffron because the best selection of each harvest gets sold in western countries.

Under the global Prins Willem brand, we have brought that same international grade saffron to Indian families for the first time.

Only the purest, natural and original saffron of the highest quality is carefully selected, tested and packed as Prins Willem.

Authentic, unadulterated saffron preserves your family’s health – You save your family from consuming harmful artificial colors and chemical flavor additives

Genuine high-quality saffron saves you money – A little bit of premium saffron goes a long way. In comparison to other brands, you use fewer strands of Prins Willem’s authentic saffron to achieve the desired punch in your dishes, without wasting money on worthless fillers

Tamper-proof Packaging protects your saffron – Prins Willem saffron is packed in a tamper-proof, air-tight and resealable container which protects the delicate saffron strands till you need them

Vegetarian & Vegan – Genuine saffron is of plant origin and contains no animal or synthetic components

Authenticity Checks

  • Pure, authentic saffron does not lose its own color or shape after being soaked in liquid
  • It takes time for the liquid to slowly change its color to a deep yellow
  • If the color release is instant, the strands get discolored in a few minutes, or the liquid turns reddish instead of yellow, that means the saffron is fake or adulterated

Usage Tips

  • To extract the maximum flavor, aroma and color of saffron, soak the required amount of saffron threads for upto 20 minutes in hot (but not boiling) liquid
  • You can soak saffron in water, milk, broth, stock, white wine or any other liquid that your recipe calls for
  • This pre-soaking allows saffron strands to release their flavor and color into the liquid, so they meld evenly throughout your dish or cocktail drink
  • After 20 minutes, the saffron infused liquid and strands can be added to your recipe of choice. Add this towards the end of your cooking process, so as not to heat damage the delicate saffron strands
  • Avoid soaking natural and pure saffron overnight or even for longer than an hour. Extended soaking will result in a deeper color but the volatile aromatic compounds will evaporate over time, resulting in weaker flavor and fragrance


  • Use a clean, airtight container to store saffron
  • Store saffron in a cool and dark place
  • Keep saffron away from sunlight and sources of heat. A dark cabinet or drawer is ideal
  • Remember to reseal the package tightly after every use. This will preserve the aroma and flavor of saffron by preventing its volatile aromatic compounds from evaporating

Saffron Recipes

Main courses, Desserts, Cocktails & Beverages can all be transformed with saffron to delight your family and guests.

Click here to see saffron recipes for biryani, paella, kheer, phirni, kulfi, ice cream, cakes, chai, coffee, kahwa, thandai and many more.