About Us

Purveyors of the World’s Finest Saffron

Prins Willem is renowned for saffron that is pure and chemical-free, hand-picked and sun-dried in a traditional manner at centuries old Kashmiri saffron gardens.

Prins Willem Saffron

Our Vision

Prins Willem was established with a vision to enhance the way the world experiences flavor.

First Time in India

We procure the finest and purest, chemical-free Kashmiri Mongra Saffron, that we ethically source directly from saffron gardens and supply to premier establishments worldwide. Ironically, Indian consumers rarely experience this quality of saffron because the best selection of each harvest is exported.

Under the global Prins Willem brand, we have brought that same international grade saffron to India for the first time.

Why Kashmiri Saffron

Fine Kashmiri mongra saffron is regarded as the best in the world. It is far superior even to the better known Persian or Iranian saffron and Spanish saffron.

Prins Willem Saffron Workers in Kashmir
Saffron Workers in Kashmir

Serving as a catalyst towards sustainable rural economic development in Kashmir, Prins Willem provides a livelihood to countless Kashmiri families. These are the women and men who hand-pick the saffron flowers from the gardens, delicately remove the saffron strands and prepare it for the market.

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Since then, it has transformed into a global holding custodian of brands – Asiana Neo Ventures.

Asiana NV is the owner of premium and luxury food brands, including the internationally renowned Prins Willem brand of saffron.